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Arabidopsis reference genome download

Arabidopsis reference genome download

Download Overview. Genes: Contains TAIR's genome release files, gene family data, and lists of gene names, aliases and descriptions for all TAIR genes. Maps: Contains files of map coordinates for Arabidopsis genes and their features, ESTs, cDNAs, BAC clones, polymorphisms, and markers on the sequence map. Download - TAIR10 genome release. 4, KB ; README_TAIRtxt 5 KB ; TAIR 3, KB ; TAIR10 blastsets · TAIR10 chromosome files · t10 2, KB Policy Statement on Arabidopsis thaliana Reference Sequence. The first genome sequence of Arabidopsis thaliana was completed in Sequencing was accomplished by a consortium, using several different clone libraries with varying amounts of documentation with regard to which stock of the ecotype/accession.

Arabidopsis is a member of the mustard (Brassicaceae) family, which includes cultivated species such as cabbage and radish. Arabidopsis is not of Arabidopsis thaliana has a genome size of ~ Mbp, and a haploid chromosome number of 5. Taxonomy ID Download DNA sequence ( FASTA). Convert your data. Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) Reference genome: Arabidopsis thaliana ( assembly TAIR10) Download sequences in FASTA format for genome, transcript, protein. Download genome annotation in GFF, GenBank or tabular format. BLAST against Arabidopsis thaliana genome. All 10 genomes for species: Browse the list. Starting at the Genomes FTP site See the README file in that directory for general information about the organization of the ftp files. Locate the directory for your organism of interest. Within that directory a README file will describe the various files available. In many cases, the sequence data is segregated into directories.

Download Region Data, For any specified genomic region, download genomic DNA (FASTA format), all aligned/computed transcripts or proteins (FASTA format) , or all genome annotations (GenBank, GFF3 or EMBL format). Download All, Download bzip2 files and MySQL tables representing complete AtGDB dataset. A Catalog of Arabidopsis thaliana Genetic Variation. Visit the Data Center and download whole sets of SNPs, indels, SVs, and genome sequences. launched at the beginning of to discover detailed whole-genome sequence variation in at least strains (accessions) of the reference plant Arabidopsis thaliana. 28 Aug Multiple reference genomes and transcriptomes for Arabidopsis thaliana Nature , – (22 September ); doi/nature; Download Citation Advances in sequencing make this tractable for Arabidopsis thaliana, whose natural accessions (strains) are typically homozygous.


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