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How to delete downloaded items on ps3

How to delete downloaded items on ps3

Your download list does not go away, it just a simple feature that checks what you have downloaded from the PSN, if something was to be deleted from there, you would not be able to redown load purchased games. The list is probably used if you format your PS3, buy a replacement, or swap out your drive, so you know. I recently went on my PS3 and went to the My Downloads list to find that there were like, 20 episodes of Powers with their HD and SD variants, maybe more. I don't have any interest in Powers and don't plan to watch it, so is there a way to remove these from my downloads list? I never added them to my list, at least not. 23 Sep If you wish to remove a game data utility file from the PlayStation 3 system, this article explains how to do so.

Your PS3 will accumulate a lot of different files over time, and sometimes you might want to do a little spring cleaning of the downloads list. This will allow you to remove any and all files that you no longer need or use. This can include games, movies, samples and many other files. They can all be deleted the same way. If you simply want to delete things you have downloaded off the PlayStation Store from your hard drive, go to the game data utility and press Triangle and select Delete on the Game Data for whatever game you downloaded things for, this is where all downloaded items for games are stored. You can't. 22 Dec Under Game there's a folder called something like Game Data - here you should be able to find cached data and such. Make sure to check that it's actually game data and not a save when you delete it, among other by checking its size ;) ( information can usually be gotten using triangle / information).

8 Dec except they can remove the game from the server anytime they want or the company can be shut down, so you won't be able to access it anymore, thus it's only a long rent. Not true at all, thank you for passing along a myth. Well other people are saying something different. What if they remove it from the.


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